Returm Airdrop Event (Round.2)
Please make sure to Create Returm wallet and join the Open Chat Room before applying for the Returm air drop.
You must not go to the open chat room until the end of the third air drop.
에어드롭 신청 전 반드시 지갑 생성과 오픈 채팅방에 접속 해 주시길 바랍니다.
3차 에어드롭 종료까지 오픈 채팅방에서 나가시면 안됩니다.

How to Air drop
1. Create Returm Wallet(리텀지갑생성 )

2. join the Open Chat (오픈채팅 접속)
▶ Kakao talk
▶ Telegram

3. Air drop form input (에어드롭 폼 입력)
Participation once(1회 참여)=1000RM
Participation in 3 times (3회 참여)=6000RM
*Air drop three times End date(에어드롭 종료일) = November 15

※ Air drop Guide :

Enter your country (참여 국가) (ex.korea) *
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Enter your e-mail (이메일 주소) *
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Enter Your Open Chat Service (참여되어 있는 오픈채팅)(ex.kakao, telegram) *
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Enter your Open Chat nickname(오픈채팅방 대화명) *
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Returm wallet adress(리텀지갑 주소) *
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Where did you find out about the Returm Air Drop?(리텀 에어드롭을 어디서 알게 되셨나요) *
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