Thank you so much for your interest in our small family farm! Subscribing to be part of the herdshare means you're investing in your health and in our ability to provide this product to homes like yours. Fill this out and let us get to know you and your needs! After this form is submitted, you will be sent a PDF herdshare agreement to sign/scan/e-mail/hand back to us! Once we get that signed agreement, you get to enjoy some fresh raw milk in your cereal, with your cookies, in your coffee...(I could go on and on!) If you have any additional questions, just send Brittany a text/call (916)872-7724.
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I understand that I will be billed monthly for milk and I agree to pay within 7 days. If I (Herdshare member) fail to pay within 7 days of receiving an invoice, I will be legally held responsible for a $5 per day late penalty fee. *
I understand that I will bring back Pike Schoolhouse Farm's HALF GALLON JARS on a regular basis. If jars are not returned within 2 weeks, customer will be charged $10 per jar, and $1 per plastic lid. The reason for this is, we don't have an unlimited jar collection, and the cow still produces milk even when we don't have our jars. Our jars are essential to our Dairy farm. Thank you for understanding!
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Would you like to purchase non-soy, non-gmo eggs from our pastured hens? *
Choose your pick up location & time. Member must be at the pick up location on time, or member agrees to forfeit that week's share of milk (and/or eggs) to Pike Schoolhouse farm. *
How did you hear about our farm?
All that's left to do is to print the Herdshare agreement Pike Schoolhouse Farm will email you shortly (it's a contract, separate from this form) sign it and bring it to your first pick up! Please Note: We need 3 days advance notice to add a new member to our herdshare in order to make sure we have what you need! *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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