2019 LPS Volleyball Tournament
The 2019 LPS Convention Volleyball Tournament will be played on July 18, 2019 at 9 AM at the SLPS of DFW Community Center: 1910 N Britain Rd. Irving, TX 75061. Please fill out the following form if your team would like to participate. All players MUST be registered for the 2019 LPS Convention. ONLY THE FIRST 20 TEAMS REGISTERED WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE. LPS registration will be verified prior to the tournament. This tournament is completely FREE. Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams!
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All players MUST be registered for the 2019 LPS Convention (Up to 8 players, 6 minimum) Please separate team member FIRST and LAST names by using commas (Name 1, Name 2, Name 3)
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LPS Volleyball Tournament Rules
1. All players must be LPS members and registered for the 2019 LPS Convention
2. Each team will play a certain number of games depending on the number of teams that participate.
3. All first round games will be 11 points or 11 minutes whichever comes first (subject to change on the day of Tournament). If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the game shall be completed by a sudden death playoff. The sudden death playoff will consist of coin toss to determine which team will serve. Regardless of which team wins the serve, the team that wins the point will receive the win.
4. During the game each team will be allowed 2 time-outs of 30 seconds each.
5. No switching, either front or back, will be allowed.
6. Fingering, attacking or spiking is only permitted on the first hit. Fingering, attacking or spiking is NOT permitted on the second or third hit.
7. A player may only serve after the head referee has blown the whistle. The service has to be clearly tossed or it will be considered a foul and side-out will be awarded.
8. No blocking will be allowed unless blocking a spike.
9. Crossing completely over the center line is a foul; merely stepping on the center line is not.
10. If at any time the ball lands on the boundary line the ball is considered in.
11. Only the captain from the team may question a call. The head referee's decision is final.
12. A technical foul may be assessed by a referee, if in his opinion; a player conducts himself in a UN sportsman like manner. Upon such assessment, the referee shall award a point to the opposing team plus a loss of service to
the guilty team if it had the service at the time of the foul. Repeated or willful violations of the rules may subject in a loss of game, player or disqualification at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and/or referee.
13. At the conclusion of each game both captains must sign the score form. It is the referee’s responsibility to return the score form to the main scoreboard immediately. Each team must have 2 players after each game to help officiate the next game.
14. The game shall adhere to the rules as interpreted by the tournament committee, and its sole discretion, may add, delete, or modify any rule(s) if it is in the best interest of all teams.
15. Play-off teams will be selected according to: a) Win-loss record b) Total points scored c) Total points allowed d) Via coin toss if teams end up in tie) Via number drawing if three or more teams tie
16. If the ball hits any obstacles during play, it will result in change of service or point.
17. Only the extra players from the playing teams will be allowed on courtside
18. Liability issues prevent us from allowing any alcoholic beverages on the playing field, spectator areas or anywhere within the complex including parking areas. We will be hosting an after event that will include alcoholic beverages & Dinner
Medical Waiver
Each team member shall be personally responsible for all medical or other cost arising from any injury(s) which might occur to him or her while playing in the tournament or while on the premises. Further each team member shall agree to indemnify and hold the organizers of the tournament harmless from any and all future claims for any injury(s) which might occur while participating in the tournament. Nor the tournament organizers and/or The Sports Complex nor any member shall be responsible for any injury occurring to any player during, before, or after the tournament play. By signing on the next page, the captain agrees that each team member participating in the tournament has read and agreed.
Captain's Signature
By signing below, the captain confirms that he has informed each team player participating in the tournament of the rules and regulations of the LPS Volleyball Tournament and agrees to the terms of the medical waiver.
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LPS Contact Information
For Volleyball Questions, Please Contact:

Raju Patel: 817-966-2682
Mitul Ratan: 214-395-3786

For LPS Registration Questions, Please Contact:

Pankaj Patel: 972-896-9682
Naresh Patel: 214-228-1710
Sanjay Kumar: 214-923-3448

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