Reporting positive Covid-19 test
This form exists primarily for SAMO (student safety & health representative) at the Software Engineering division to keep track of eventual spread of infection.

The data will be available for all board members in styrIT as underlay in discussions about Covid-19 at the division. It will also be shared with the Student Union Board and Program Management if there is a spread suspicion. Leaving your name & email is voluntary, however we deeply appreciate it if you fill this in as well since it facilitates SAMOs work. Name & email will not be distributed outside styrIT, unless permission is given.

(OBS!! This form is only for students at the Software Engineering division at Chalmers University of Technology)
When did you test positive for Covid-19? *
Have you been in physical contact with any Chalmers students (study sessions, events etc.) within two weeks since you tested positive for Covid-19? If so, in what context? (For example: "styrIT's Halloween party in Hubben 25/10")
GDPR agreement *
styrIT collects information to be able to track possible infection spread happening at the IT student division. This data will be saved at most 6 months after the information was collected, this means if you report that you're sick on September 15, your name and other personal data will be removed by April 15. The data collected will be names, email addresses, events at Chalmers that you attended, if you have contracted Covid-19 and if so when you were infected. The data will be shared with styrIT. Data regarding the amount of people of infected and when will also be shared with the Software Engineering Programme management team(PL) and the Student Union Board (KL). The purpose of the collected data is to track how the infection situation develops at the software engineering division. You have the right to remove your consent of the handling of your data at any time. This can be done by contacting the data protection officers at the IT-division ( Responsible for the data is president of the software engineering division Gustav Engsmyre. You have the right to request all information the organization possess about you, and complain to "datainspektionen" if you're dissatisfied by the data handling.
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