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The members at Younger Women's Task Force Los Angeles and AAUW are dedicated to giving back to the community by offering our expertise for female-led or female-centered non-profits, social groups, and startups/small businesses. Our combined expertise includes strategy, finance, marketing, law, computer programming, graphic design, and various other business sectors. Our professional resume includes groups/companies including The United Nations, Goldman Sachs, Creative Artists Agency, Amazon, Golin, Disney, and more. We can help you think through critical business problems and offer our decision-making guidance, and we work closely with you to solve issues tailored to your organization's needs. We offer our dedicated consulting services for up to 6 months, depending on complexity of the business problem(s).

Example business decisions we can provide guidance on:
- Analyzing customer or donor data. What actionable takeaways and key learnings can we determine from the data to improve our business?
- Determining what region(s) to expand, based on available data.
- Improving the effectiveness of marketing campaign, optimizing reach, and/or improving social media presence?
- How can we improve our online and website User Interface and User Experience to enhance the donor/customer experience?
- How can we improve the fiscal health of our finances, balance sheet, and/or Profit & Loss statements?

We review all applications submitted and will answer as many requests as possible given our existing volunteer headcount. As such, we may only be able to focus on a few organizations at a time. Thanks for your patience in hearing back from us.

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