Schmoozy Social - Facebook Ads For Business Survey and Scorecard
Use our scorecard to determine if Facebook ads would work for your business.
Email address *
How easy is it to find your target customer? *
10 points
extremely difficult
extremely easy
How active is your target customer on Facebook? *
10 points
not very active at all
very active
How bad does your customer want your service/product? *
10 points
not really a "want"
they really want it
How competitive is the niche your business is in? *
10 points
extrmeley competitive
hardly competitive
How affordable is your product/service? *
10 points
very expensive
very affordable
What's the ad campaign objective/goal? *
8 points
What's your business' social presence? *
10 points
least social presence
most social presence
How much content does your business have? *
10 points
very little content
a lot of content
Do you currently have a sales process? *
10 points
How many locations does your business have? *
10 points
Total Score *
0 points
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