Kai Silicon Valley Trip 2018: Application
Want to do something productive this Spring Break? Thinking about how to transform your passions and liberal arts degree into awesome careers?

Join Kai's trip to Silicon Valley (March 19th to March 23th) to network with over 10 alumni at various stages in their careers, and to connect with other passionate students! Some of our previous trip participants have even landed internships with visited offices after joining. People of all career interests, not just tech, are encouraged to apply. More information from previous trips here: http://www.kaiwes.com/blogs-one/

If needed, we will provide assistance with the raising of funds and the applying to grants for accepted applicants. Costs include transportation and housing in San Francisco (amounting to approx. $250 per applicant) and for flight costs to and from San Francisco.

Accepted applicants will also be required to give an initial $50 deposit at the start of the trip, which will be returned upon submission of a blog post for our Kai Voices Blog. All trip participants will also be required to stay at the same housing accommodations to avoid complications with transportation and meeting times.

Questions? Email Frederick Corpuz '20 at fcorpuz@wesleyan.edu or Jessica Chen '20 at jchen03@wesleyan.edu. Read our information session presentation: bit.ly/kai-sv-info.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Deadline is on 11:59 PM on Feb 23 (Friday). Offers are extended at 5 pm on Feb 25th (Sunday). Please answer ALL questions. (Required option was turned off to allow you to view all the questions before answering.) Keep your answers short and sweet!

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Tell us about you!
Please give us a 3-sentence bio that will potentially be used for the reflection upload. Samples from past trip members can be found here. http://www.kaiwes.com/blogs-one/2017/3/26/kai-17-takes-on-silicon-valley-322-1
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