Sprague-Lamont Community Health Needs Assessment Survey
Sprague Community Health Assessment Survey 2019

The Lincoln County Health Department and Just Sprague are collaborating with BAVI Health, a medical outreach group affiliated with Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine at Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane, and are interested in learning more about the health needs of the Sprague-Lamont community. This survey is being administered in order to:
• Determine beneficial health care services that could be provided by BAVI Health.
• Learn about the community's specific health related concerns
• Determine potential future areas of health care outreach to benefit the Sprague/Lamont community

Please complete the following survey to the best of your ability. There are no wrong answers! If multiple answer choices apply, please circle/select multiple options. If you do not wish to answer a question, you may skip it. Your responses are anonymous and will be combined with other responses in order to gain understanding of the overall communities’ health needs.We value your opinion and contribution to this medical outreach event. Please return completed surveys to the Sprague Community Center or Lamont Community Center.

Responses will be accepted through September 30, 2019.

When was the last time you your primary care provider (PCP) for an appointment, if at all?
When is the last time you had an annual physical exam and routine lab work (such as lipid panel and diabetes screening)?
Over the past year, approximately how often did you receive medical care?
How do you typically travel to your medical appointments?
My current medical problems include:
Do you receive care from any health care specialists? If so, which specialties?
What is your current insurance status?
Are there any health care services that you need that are not covered by your insurance or are unavailable to you for another reason? If so, what type of services are they
Regarding children’s and adolescent health care in your family and/or your community, please select all of the health issues that you feel are lacking/would be interested in receiving from a mobile health care service
Which of the below are reasons why you, your family members, or others in your community may not be able to access medical care?
What services would you be interested in receiving from BAVI Health?
If BAVI health provided services in Sprague, what location would be most accessible and/or appealing to you?
You consider your ethnicity to be:
You consider your gender to be:
Please specify your age:
What health care services would you suggest to improve the overall health and wellness of your community?
Your answer
Do you have any other requests or suggestions that you feel would improve the delivery of local health care?
Your answer
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