Exemplary Course Nomination Form
The goal of the USF Exemplary Course Award is to celebrate excellent use of the LMS and technology within a course, as well as best practices in the following areas:
• Course Design – consists of the presentation of course goals and objectives and course content, as well as activities to engage learners with each other and the content by using various forms of technology inside and outside of the LMS.
• Interaction and Collaboration – consists of communication strategies, the development of a learning community, and interaction logistics used to determine the quality and quantity of student interactions with each other course material, and the instructor.
• Assessment - consists of clearly defined expectations for assignments and tests, the design of course assessments, and the inclusion of student self-assessment.
• Learner Support - consists of an orientation to the course and/or LMS, clear definition of the instructor role within the course, the availability of course/institutional policies, instructions for dealing with technology issues, accommodations for students with disabilities, and student feedback.

Please fill out the fields below to nominate a course from the 2016-2017 academic year (NOTE: These courses will currently have 2017.10 or 2017.20 in their course IDs).

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Who taught this course? If there were co-instructors, please list them all.
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Briefly tell us why you think this course is outstanding in its use of Blackboard and/or other forms of technology.
No need to write volumes. Just let us know why you enjoyed taking/teaching this course so the review committee can focus on these when evaluating the course in Blackboard.
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