Apply to judge The UK Professional Pole Championships 2020
Please complete this form to apply to judge UKPPC 2020. The first part of the application process is simply giving us as much information about yourself as you can, tell us why you would be a great addition to the team and what your judging style is. The more you can tell us, the better!

Successful applicants will make it through to the second part of the application process. At this stage you will be given 5 videos to judge using our specific scoring system. We will assess the marks and the feedback given and choose the successful applicants based on these factors.

Ideally we would like someone with experience judging in any capacity, not necessarily in pole, but we are aware that everyone has to start somewhere and will consider applicants with no previous judging experience. However, we will only accept professional pole dancers who have a wide knowledge base of pole tricks and a knowledge of the processes involved in creating competitive pieces. We are looking for people with the ability to be fair and unbiased and give mirror this in the feedback. Judging is difficult and requires you to be able to very quickly give constructive feedback that the competitors can use to help improve their performances.

Position Details
6 spaces available
Payment £200
Video round judging is from 2nd Aug 2020 – 30th August 2020
Final 14th November 2020 in Telford @ The International Centre

No under 18's
Applications close on the 29th Feb 2020
You will know if you are through to the second part of the process by the 6th March 2020
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