Winter Classic Registration
Full details of the Winter Classic are to be found here:

This form is for registration for the event. Please complete the form separately for each person running an individual course. A single form should be completed for a team running the Rogaine Team Explorer.

See you at the event!
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I have worked out the amount I have to pay for the courses. $30 for Elite and Wayne Cretney; $25 for Veteran; $15 for Junior; $15/person for Rogaine; $12 for Red Medium or Orange; $6 for white and yellow. *
I need to pay for a SportIdent hire. $4 Seniors or teams; $2 for juniors
I will pay the entry fee by direct credit. Account name Wellington Orienteering Club, account number 03 0525 0416981 000 (add your CONTACT person's name in the reference fields; we will work out a combined payment for several entries from a single contact person). *
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