WMJGS: Finding Your Jewish Roots / Research Sunday
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look through WMJGS reference (no appointment needed).
have an appointment with an experienced researcher to help me with my research questions
like an appointment with a strategist to help me decide on next steps and/or to try to break down a brick wall.
like an appointment with someone to help me decide if DNA is for me and/or help me decipher my DNA results.
I’d like an appointment with a translator.Please check the language(s) you're interested in having translated.
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Time is limited for translation, so please do not expect complete translations of long documents....just the gist of the document or specific names and dates, if appropriate. Working with a translator, you may want to bring only copies of the documents to be translated not the originals. 
Please indicate in the comment section below if you have any time constraints we need to consider. We will notify you in advance by email of the time slot(s) you have been assigned. The times will be assigned in the order the requests are received. If you are late for your appointment, you will have less time with the translator. If you have not arrived within 10 minutes of your scheduled time, we will have to assume you could not make it and we will give the remainder of your time to someone else.
 If you plan to work with an experienced researcher or strategist you are encouraged to bring a laptop and a USB flash drive to save information you might find. Please write the question you have for the experienced researcher/strategist below so we can place you with the most appropriate person. When you receive notification of your research/strategy appointment, you will also receive documents to fill out in preparation for your visit. This is the place to fill in all the details. These will help the researcher to help you. PLEASE take the time to fill them out as best you can.
Question for Researcher/Strategist. Example of a focused question: How do I find the town where John Cohen was born? or: How do I find the ship's manifest of Amy Katz? *
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