Passim Iguana Music Fund 2019
2019 application for a grant from Passim's Iguana Music Fund
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Application deadline: Friday, October 11th, 2019 @ 11:59pm
You are applying for a grant for a specific project that relates to music and will help you advance your career. We prefer artists who are just starting out and have a connection to New England; we also prefer artists who have not been given an Iguana grant in the past (though that does not disqualify you). To see previous winners of the grants, visit Projects that involve current Passim employees, staff, or board members may not apply. Please email with any further questions.

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What is your personal mission statement? Just wax philosophical on what makes you tick and where you are headed. (1500 character limit)
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Things that don't count: "I played there once in 1981", "My grandmother was born there", "I drove through Boston on the way to Nova Scotia". (600 character limit)
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