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Himalayan Children’s Charities has been working with children and youth in Nepal since 2000. For more information about our work, please visit our website ( We are grateful for your interest in providing your time, energy and expertise to support the remarkable students in our programs. Please fill out the following form to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you would like to support our charity.

We have two options:

Interns: Long-term commitment (3 months -1 year) from a person looking to enter into a mutual exchange with HCC (non-monetary), where we provide them with experience working in the nonprofit sector and they provide us with deliverables, such as data management or fundraising assistance. Interns are U.S. based only.

Visitors: People who are intending to visit Nepal and volunteer their time or skill to provide HCC with a service, such as a workshop, program and/or training. Please note, HCC does not provide long-term internships in Nepal. Visitors are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation when visiting.
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