Front-end / CSS Developer (REMOTE) is looking for someone who LOVES making things look amazing on the screen and performant in the browser. We are looking for a candidate with the following experience:

- Expert level CSS knowledge including Flexbox and Grid layout
- Expert level CSS preprocessor knowledge including SCSS
- Familiar with local scope CSS strategies such as CSS Modules, CSS-in-JSS, Scoped CSS, CSS Variables
- Ability to create pixel perfect, fully responsive design implementations with minimal CSS
- Ability to comfortably build user interfaces from scratch with no frameworks, grid systems, or boilerplates
- Understanding of component based Javascript/Typescript architectures such as React, Vue and Svelte
- Comfortable working in a PHP-based environment (VirtualBox, Vagrant, Symfony/Laravel, Twig)
- Skill in Right-to-Left HTML templates a bonus
- Works well with others doing PRs, code reviews, etc
- Experience working with diverse teams, large projects, and high-traffic sites is a bonus
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