Raise Climate Issues in Class
You could bring up that climate change is about protecting family, the freedom to go outside and breathe clean air, about preventing drought-driven hunger, economic disruption, and migration, about preventing drought-fueled wildfires.
You could bring up the fact that clean energy sector employs 3-5 times more people than the fossil fuel sector, and that Europe, Canada, and other developed countries are making it the pathway to a recovery from the coronavirus crisis.
You could bring up the fact that fossil fuel air pollution makes Covid-19 infections significantly worse, that research into its significant health impacts (e.g. lung disease, neurological damage) has been getting more attention
You could bring up that Black Lives Matter protesters are speaking out about how "I can't breathe" connects police, pollution, and pandemic.
You could bring up that fossil fuel companies are successfully pushing legislation to criminalize protest while arming the police against protesters.
You could bring up that millions of Americans are currently affected by climate-fueled wildfires, a record hurricane season, and floods.
You could bring up the systematic environmental rollbacks by the federal government in the last 3 years
You could bring up the campaign by American fossil fuel companies to delay government action and undermine public understanding of and trust in climate science, or European oil companies' plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.
You could bring up how the public overwhelmingly supports a transition toward renewable energy, and that people see climate change as an urgent issue even in the midst of the pandemic. Or that media coverage of climate issues has dropped 45% since last year.
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