Are you ready for CAJ19? This year, we're coming to Winnipeg!
This year's national conference will be held in sunny Winnipeg, MB, from May 3-5, 2019.

But as the time until that date begins to tick ever closer, your conference co-chairs, Brent Jolly and David Thurton, are looking for your feedback.

What issues do you want to discuss? What skills do you want to learn? Who would you like to hear from?

This is YOUR conference - and we want YOUR input.

We'd appreciate if you could take no more than five minutes to give us some perspective on how we can make the 2019 conference one you'll never forget.

Questions? Contact us at:

Merci mille fois!

Brent and David

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If the CAJ could bring anyone in the world to speak in Winnipeg for the 2019 conference that person would be...
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Got ideas? Pitch us! It could be for a panel, workshop, or something totally new. Also, suggest guest speakers (and yes, you can include yourself!)
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