South Carolina Council for the Social Studies: Clio Scholarship Application
The SCCSS annually recognizes a high school senior or undergraduate student who plans to pursue a career as a K-12 social studies educator. Winning students will receive the following:
** recognition by the SCCSS at the annual fall conference (You are not required to attend, but a brief biography and list of your accomplishments will be printed in the program).
** notification of the local media of this accomplishment
** a $500 scholarship.

The application deadline is May 1st of each year.

* Complete application
* 2 references: One MUST be a recommendation from a member of SCCSS
* Submit official transcript by May 1st of each year.
SCCSS Awards Committee Chair
PO Box 11746
Columbia, SC 29211-1746
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Compose a brief biography and include school, community, and employment activities, leadership positions, and honors/recognitions. Please limit this to 200 words or less. If selected, this biography may be edited and included in the program for the annual SCCSS conference. *
College/ University/ Technical School, etc. you plan to attend. *
Intended Academic Major: *
Scholarships are awarded to a high school seniors who plan to pursue careers as K-12 educators. I
Reference Information
List two references. One must be a member of the SCCSS and the other should be someone who knows you well.
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