2019-2020 Technology Challenge Grants for Lafayette Parish Educators
What are Technology Challenge Grants?
Technology Challenge Grants is a collaborative partnership funded by the Pugh Family Foundation and administered by Lafayette Education Foundation. Up to $30,000.00 in Technology Challenge Grants funding will be awarded to projects designed to accelerate students' achievement through the use of current and emerging technology. The maximum grant funding request is $5,000.00. Technology examples include but are not limited to: computers, laptops, 3D printers, hardware, software, subscription to educational resources, e-readers, etc.

The winner of this challenge will be selected through a process to include an initial application and an in-person presentation. This initial application will be reviewed by a panel of judges to include Pugh Family Foundation and LEF board members, along with select educators who effectively and consistently utilize technology in their learning environments (these educators are ineligible to apply for the challenge).

Upon reviewing the applications, the judges will select finalists. The finalists will be required to create a presentation showcasing how they plan to integrate the technology into instruction in their individual learning environment. The presentation will be 10 minutes or less and 5 minutes for questions from the panel.
Who is Eligible?
Lafayette Parish educators from public, private, parochial and charter schools who teach in grades Pre-K through 12. This includes but is not limited to: educators of all disciplines, librarians, counselors, etc. If you have a question about your eligibility, contact LEF Programs Director, André Arceneaux at programs@lefoundation.org or 337-234-3229.
Application Checklist
Items that are to be sent separately can be sent to programs@lefoundation.org via email or shared via Google Drive. Please put your name and school in the subject line of the email/shared file. If emailing, please try to send all documents in one email.
Your application will be measured by weighted scale using the following criteria:

Academic Outcome(s) - 30% - What academic and/or learning outcomes are among the goals of this project and how will those results be tracked and measured?

Creativity & Innovation - 25% - How does the project utilize and support the development and application of educational concepts, processes, techniques. etc. not currently fully utilized in the applicant's educational environment?

Cost Effectiveness - 15% - What is the project cost per student? What is the long-term cost of this project (annual subscriptions, updates for the useful life of any hardware purchased, etc.)?

Potential for Replication - 10% - How easily can this project and its potential results be reproduced by another educator with similar resources?

Administrative Capacity - 10% - How qualified is the Project Director to successfully administer this project?

Follows current standards, best practices, ISTE/LPSS standards and aligns with long-range plans/goals - 10% - Does this project meet and comply with current standards as well as long-range plans/goals?

Please keep these criteria in mind when completing the application.

THIS APPLICATION PROCESS IS ANONYMOUS. Please refrain from listing your name or the name of your school in your narrative answers.
Important Information
Please note that any equipment and/or software purchased with these grant funds is to remain with the funded educator, not the school at which the educator is employed, and that these materials are to remain in the possession of the educator as long as he/she remains an educator in Lafayette Parish. Also, funded projects will be required to host a site visit by the grant program funders. Additionally, a detailed evaluation report will be due to LEF within 30 days of the completion of funded activity/ies, and funded project directors may be asked to provide follow-up project evaluation data to the Pugh Family Foundation at the end of each school year for a period of up to three years.
General Information
This application cannot be saved and returned to before submitting. Please keep this in mind when beginning this process.
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If you are collaborating with any fellow educators on this challenge, please list names of each collaborator below. Names will not be shared with panelists.
If there are no collaborators on your project(s), this question can be left unanswered.
What type of technology are you requesting? *
Give a brief overview of how you intend to utilize the technology in your learning environment. *
Please keep your answer to a 100 word maximum.
What is the primary academic outcome for your students that the technology is necessary to help meet? *
What objectives will you use to help your students reach this academic outcome using the technology requested? *
What student academic need or problem would having this technology help to address? How will having this technology help to provide a solution to this need? *
Please describe in detail how you intend to utilize the technology in your classroom. Tell us what apps/programs/subscriptions your students will be using and what academic value said apps/programs/subscriptions have within your subject area. *
What long-term academic impact will this project have on your students? *
How do you plan to promote digital citizenship, etiquette and responsibility to your students? *
Give a general schedule of events from planning to project completion (timeline). *
Please specify how frequently the technology will be used (daily, twice a week, during a specific period of time, etc.).
What method(s) of evaluation do you plan to use to measure the effectiveness of your project(s)? *
Describe how this technology will contribute to your effectiveness and vitality in your learning environment. *
Please answer this question as personally as possible. We want to know how YOU believe your instruction and effectiveness will be enhanced.
How do you intend to continue utilizing the technology after the 2018-2019 school year? *
Please keep your answer to a 200 word maximum.
What would be the ratio of technology provided to student use? *
Please give an estimated number of how many students you will have at any given time in your learning environment next year. Please be advised that you will be awarded 10% more than your request to account for damage or loss of devices over time.
Please give a detailed budget, including estimated costs for devices, charging cart, cases, headphones, screen protectors, app/program/subscription purchases and any other costs needed for intended project. *
Please include vendors and quantity of items. Do not forget to include shipping where necessary. Please include programs, apps, subscriptions, etc.
Would implementation of this project still be possible with partial funding? *
Please detail how the project could be implemented with partial funding. Please include what materials you could do without while still enabling you to offer the project to your students.
What is the total cost of your proposal? *
Your School & Classroom
Please provide details about your school population and your specific classroom.
Type of School *
What is your total school population? *
What percentage of your school population is on free or reduced lunch? *
Is there annual funding provided by your school/school district specifically for technology in the classroom? If so, what is the approximate amount you are given for your individual learning environment annually? *
Please provide a list of technology presently in use in your learning environment. *
Include computers, tablets/notepads, smart boards and any other devices present in your learning environment. Be as specific as possible, detailing the number of each item you have, its model/age and its functionality.
Have you asked your school administration for assistance with this project prior to this application? If "YES", what response did you receive? *
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