2019 Deformation Analysis and Modeling of Heterogeneous 非均質材料的變形分析與模擬
Course name: Deformation Analysis and Modeling of Heterogeneous 非均質材料的變形分析與模擬
Location: To be announced
Course schedule: 7/1(Mon) 09:10 am - 01:10 pm
7/2(TUE) 09:10 am - 01:10 pm
7/3(WED) 09:10 am - 01:10 pm
7/4(THU) 09:10 am - 12:10 pm
7/5(FRI) 09:10 am - 12:10 pm
Lecturer: Prof. Yu-Lin Shen
Language: English
Course description:
The primary objective of this course is to develop fundamental skills for applying continuum-based numerical modeling (the finite element method) to analyze material deformation under physical constraint, through case studies on thin-film systems subject to mechanical and thermal loading. Students are required to have backgrounds on undergraduate-level elementary materials science and mechanics of materials. No prior experience in numerical finite element modeling is required.
The course will start with an overview of key solid mechanics concepts and examples, and an introduction to numerical modeling using the finite element approach. Subsequent coverage will include thermal expansion mismatch-induced stresses and curvature in continuous thin film/substrate systems, deformation of patterned thin films due to etching and thermal loading, nanoindentation simulation, and multilayered thin-film structures. Simple but useful modeling skills in analyzing these practical problems will be introduced throughout the course.

Course Implementation:
The course will be conducted in English, utilizing handout compiled by the instructor. The computing software for the modeling exercise is ABAQUS, Student Edition (no prior experience required). Grading will be based on the homework assignments, primarily in the form of guided mini-projects.

Contact : NTUST, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, (02)2733-3141 ext.7476
Wen-Che Liao: M10704311@mail.ntust.edu.tw

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