Educator Survey for Students
Granite School District Professional Growth and Evaluation
Rate this educator's performance in each activity listed below. Please rely on your own contact with the educator in making your decision. If you do not have sufficient information to mark an activity, please select the "Don't know" category.
N=Never S=Sometimes O=Often A=Always D=Don't know
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Please respond to the following questions about your educator. *
Use the following key: N=Never S=Sometimes O=Often A=Always D=Don't know
I am learning new things in my class
This class is a good environment for learning
This educator treats me with care and respect
I understand this educator's directions
I understand the expectations for this class
This educator treats me fairly
This educator keeps me informed of my progress
This educator explains new concepts clearly
This educator helps our class be on our best behavior
This educator helps me with my assignment when I need it
This educator shows excitement for learning
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