Student Questionnaire
You are being asked to complete this survey because you are a student enrolled in a geography/history course.

Participation is voluntary. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

This survey has no impact on your grade in this course and will only be used to help improve geography education. If at any point during this survey you feel uncomfortable you may exit with no negative impact.

Your participation in this survey will help us create a better geography curriculum that is tailored to your specific needs and help you achieve your personal life goals.

This survey involves no risks. We ask that you try to answer all questions; however, if there are any items that make you uncomfortable or that you would prefer to skip, just bubble "prefer not to answer". Your responses are confidential. They will also be anonymous.

Reasonable efforts will be made to keep the personal information in your research record private and confidential. Any identifiable information obtained in connection with this study will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required by law. The members of the research team and the Texas State University Office of Research Compliance (ORC) may access the data. The ORC monitors research studies to protect the rights and welfare of research participants.

Your name will not be used in any written reports or publications which result from this research. Data will be kept for three years (per federal regulations) after the study is completed and then destroyed.

If you consent to participate, please complete the survey and click Next.
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