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Thank you for your interest in FODfest. We strive to accommodate all artist requests to perform. Please read this introduction in its entirety.

FODfest is a unique performance format that is part jam session, part song-swap, part concert. All musicians are invited to be on stage throughout the entire concert in what we affectionately call the FODpod. As such, there may be a large number of people on stage at once.

All artists have the opportunity to lead a song. This can be an original, cover, traditional, instrumental, a cappella, rap, or spoken word. It can be performed with or without the accompaniment of the FODpod, but in the community-collaborative spirit of FODfest we encourage artists to lead songs that are easy to follow and invite others to join in. There is typically time for each artist to lead 1-3 songs.

Because of the large numbers of musicians involved, FODfest is often acoustic-based which helps keep the volume level contained and the musicality optimal. This is not to say that there aren't ever any electric instruments or drums, but we often scale the production back. Someone from Music In Common will be in touch with you to answer your tech questions or should we have any of our own.

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