Sector's Edge Salvage Cup - Signups
Tournament date: May 30th 2020 - 6pm GMT.


Signups will end at 5pm GMT, one hour before the tournament commences.

Live updates are posted on our Discord server at
Your team must be on Discord ready to play by 5:30pm!

You can sign up with a team of 6, or sign up as a solo player to be matched into a team at 5pm GMT on the night. Any leftover players after forming extra teams may participate as substitutes should teams require them (this usually happens!).

The format is a bo1 round robin between all teams, then the top 4 teams move into a bo3 for the semi-finals and finals.

The end prize pool is:
FIRST PLACE (per player): 10000 Protons, a unique weapon skin for a weapon of your choice and an in-game Champion badge+title on the scoreboard / kill-cam
SECOND PLACE (per player): 5000 Protons and an in-game Runner-Up badge+title on the scoreboard / kill-cam
How are you signing up? *
If you find a team before the event starts, that is okay, we will see that in the list.
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