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The purpose of Introductory Lesson are for us to get to know each other. Due to the long-term mentoring, one-on-one nature of piano lessons, it's very important that we keep the golden triangle of “Parents-Student-Teacher” in same goals, similar values, and compatible personalities.
What is a "Best" and IDEAL" time for you to come for piano lessons?
Studio is now at almost full capacity, the open slots are very limited. Try your best to give me your available time, if there is no slots for you, then you will be put in a waiting list. I will contact you as soon as your desire time become available again. Thank you so much!
For example - Monday and Tuesday between 3pm to 5pm only. Saturdays only etc. Please be specific so that I can find your perfect slot for you.
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About student
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Has this student ever studied music before? *
If yes, please describe in detail (where, what instrument, what program, how long, with which teacher?)
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If this student studied piano before, what is the reason that you are changing teacher?
Relocation, do not like current teacher, need to seek better teacher etc....
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What is the reasonable of piano practice time the student willing put in per week? Teacher is going to customize your homework load according to the amount of time you willing to practice. Let's say you willing to practice 20 minutes but only 3 times in a week, then you take 20m x 3 = 60m. Then you write 60m per week. *
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How much does this student want to take piano lessons? *
About goals
Please list piano books you currently own (method— include levels, anthologies, etc.) Please indicate what books the student has most recently worked from.
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What is your goal for having your child or yourself take piano lessons? *
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How long do you expect it will take your child or yourself to reach your goals? *
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If you can play any song/ piece to impress your families and friends, what would that be? *
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Are you interest in Certificate of Merit Piano Test Program? *
Is there any type of music you will not allow your child or yourself to study? If yes, please specify type and reason.
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Parent's Roles
If adult students, please assume you are your own parents.
Will one parent be available during lesson time to participate/observe as needed? *
Will one parent be willing and able to spend at least 15 minutes of time a day with the student to aid and encourage them in practicing? *
Would parent promise to keep communication channel always openly and promptly with teacher with all problems and concerns? *
Piano Information
Please describe your piano *
grand? upright? digital? electric keyboard? make? model? in tune?
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Do you have CD player? *
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Emergency Information
Does this student have any dietary restrictions or allergies
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Does this student have any physical, mental, or developmental issues pertinent to taking lessons? Please describe in detail.
Is your child ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, perfectionist, very sensitive, anger management issue, autism etc...I need to know in advance to cater my curriculum to your child!
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Are you or any of your family members will be present at the studio allergy to cat? *
Please write yes, no, I do not know and follow with the precaution you like me to take to protect you.
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Piano Tuition
As a member in good standing with the Music Teacher Association of California, there are certain guidelines to which I strictly adhere regarding missed lessons, the billing process and late fees. These guidelines are consistently maintained, and cannot be altered as they allow the business portion of piano lessons to flow smoothly and equitably. Currently, my rates for piano lessons are as follows:
After the trial lessons, if you like my studio, please select your piano lesson duration and weekly tuition fee *
Rescheduling Policy after official sign up
Going to miss piano lessons due to summer traveling, sickness, birthday party, sports etc?

Introducing Unlimited Make Up Lesson. It is very easy!
1 Cancel by text/email at least 2 hours in advanced
2 Receive piano credit at
3 Book make up lesson online at

1. To reschedule an appointment, a minimum of 2-hour advanced notice by email or text is required.
2. Otherwise, clients have to responsible for the financial lost.
3. If privacy is needed, reasons for reschedule can be omitted.
4. Please use to reschedule.
5. Credits will be valid for ONE YEAR with uninterrupted paid enrollment.
6. Credits cannot be used to reduce tuition for the next invoice.
7. A make up lesson cannot be rescheduled again!
8. No credits or refunds for the cancelled make up lessons.
9. View valid credits at
10. Studio is operating year round; therefore attendance is expected during summer months.
11. Re-enrollment fee is $200 to put client’s name back on studio roster.
12. One month paid written notice needed to terminate this policy.
13. Paying for service means abiding to this policy


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