FREE 1 day crash course in mobile application development with Titanium

NB: Completing this form does *NOT* guarantee that you will be able to attend, priority will be given to people who have previously indicated interest. You will be informed 7 days before the event if your application to attend has been successful.

You will:

1. Learn the basics of developing an Android (and iOS if you have a Mac) mobile application that loads RSS Feed data from a blog, lists the items in a table and displays the blog post detail on click of the list item.
2. Be challenged. We will provide an introduction to Titanium and you will learn through guided learning (we teach you a bit, then give you a challenge to complete and repeat). Your head will hurt at the end of the day :)

Before the event, you should:

1. Have at least some experience coding (even just Web coding, no previous mobile experience required)
2. Install Titanium and TiShadow on your machine (laptop though you're welcome to bring a desktop if you can manage, we'll provide a monitor for your use) before the workshop (anyone with it not setup will not be allowed to attend). From July 28 to August 8, feel free to drop by our office any time between 9am and 6pm (see "location" below) with questions about getting Titanium setup on your machine if you're having difficulties but only after having tried to go through the steps here:!/guide/Quick_Start For TiShadow, look here:

Cost: FREE
Coffee: FREE
Lunch: FREE
Date: Saturday August 9, 2014
Time Start: 9am sharp start, late attendees will not be admitted
Time Finish: 5pm (approx.)
Maximum number of attendees: 6

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