The "viability" of the GVC
Comments about the viability of the GVC are prevalent in the FWEA climate survey data.

Please share your experiences for the FWEA advocacy team! Our ARs answered these exact same questions, and asked for a link for all members to add their experiences. We also ask about Flexibility below. Please read this CBA language and then add your story. This will remain open until Feb 14:

“Viability - The district and association agree that curriculum will be designed in a manner that reflects the realities of educating students in a real-world environment.

a) The curriculum and pacing guide will take into account district and state assessments, relationship building, school community events, emergent events, district programs or initiatives, and other important occurrences.

b) Quarterly, the Curriculum Guide Writing Teams, consisting of district and association-chosen members, will meet to examine and adjust assessment calendars, and curriculum and pacing guides as necessary.” – page 42 (or 47 in the pdf)
What stories and experiences do you have about the viablity of other GVC (other than ELA)?
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What specific feedback, stories, experiences and examples about the ELA curriculum do you have about viability and the CBA language? (This could look like requests that are not in line with the contract language, or that are. We're seeking to understand member's experiences of viability.)
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Is this happening in your school? "Flexibility of Delivery – The district and association agree that curriculum will be designed in a manner that supports and encourages staff members to make meaningful decisions that enhance learning in regards to pacing, enrichment, teaching strategies, and other relevant aspects of curriculum implementation. Staff members will make these decisions based on formative assessment data (such as running records, observations, quick checks for understanding, one on one conversations, checklists, exit tickets, formal assessments, etc.) and summative assessments. Staff members may supplement the Curriculum Guides (e.g. add kinesthetic activities, related non-print texts, or other enhancements) or adjust instructional delivery to meet the needs of their students but may not supplant or replace entire units, resources, standards, learning targets, or assessments. A) As professionals, staff members are assured the flexibility to make informed decisions to apply a variety of instructional strategies and make decisions to meet the needs of their students and reach their professional goals (e.g. achieve distinguished ratings in all relevant components of CEL 5 D, complete their NBPTS certification, or finish any post-graduate degree requirements.) B) PLCs will review the provided pacing calendars on an ongoing basis and make adjustments to them based on the needs of the students, with the expectation that all standards will be covered."
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