Senior 2020-2021
Senior Students,
First, I sure miss seeing your faces and I hope you are making smart choices and doing well! With these unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, scheduling is going to happen a bit differently this year. I want to go ahead and get your requests so I can begin creating potential schedules for each of you. Follow the directions below and I hope to see you very soon!

*Please rate the TOP 5 electives you prefer in order of 1st choice to your last.
For example: If you really want Culinary put a 1 beside it and continue listing electives 2, 3, 4, 5.

*For students wanting to participate in Athletics and Band, please circle both. Otherwise, circle 1 or none.

*If you participate or would like to participate in UIL, list event(s).

*Plan to take TVCC Duel Credit Courses (already approved), please list.

*Please circle Career Prep if you are wanting to be in the work program.

Email me if you have further questions
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