Belmont Farmers' Market 2018 shopper survey
What did you think of this season at the Belmont Farmers' Market? *
What do you like most and least about the Market? How can we make it better for you?
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Which were your favorite vendors this year? (There's a list at the end for reference.)
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Are there other vendors we should have?
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What did you think about activities in the Events Tent? We had music, magic, art, tastings, etc.
Were there events you particularly liked or disliked? Do you have suggestions for next year?
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What did you think about activities at the Community Table? We had community groups, elected officials' office hours, town departments, etc.
Comments about the Community Table:
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What town do you live in?
When you come to the Market, what stores in Belmont Center do you also shop at?
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These are the vendors who were at the Market in 2018:
1634 Meadery, Bearco Bites, Bittersweet Herb Farm, Boston Brew Company, Deano's Pasta, Del Sur Empanadas, Dick's Market Garden, Dulce D Leche, Farmer Tim's Vegetables, Flats Mentor Farm, Foxboro Cheese, Garbage to Garden, Goodies Homemade, Halvah Heaven, Herd Nerd Spice, Hi-Rise Bread Company, Hutchins Farm, Koshari Mama, Mamadou's Artisan Bakery, Nicewicz Family Farm, Recreo Coffee & Roasterie, Red's Best Seafood & Boston Smoked Fish, Stillman's Quality Meat, Tex Mex Eats, Underwood Greenhouses, Valicenti Pasta Farm, Victory Aquaponics
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