Midwest Metro Tennis League Summer 2020 Registration - Singles
***This is the main registration form for MMTL 2020***

Please input your information to reserve your spot for 2020 summer league.
$25 is the registration fee that you can pay via Paypal or by check.
Target start of the league is mid-July.
Regular seasons ends sometime in later part of September.
Playoff is targeted in first or second weekend of October.
Target playoff location is Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield.

If you want to play in 2 separate flights or division or level, please register again.
$20 is the registration fee for the second entry.

We don't encourage to register for a 3rd entry.
Email address *
Name (First and Last) *
10-Digit Phone number (cell if possible) *
This will be the primary way to be contacted by your opponent besides email.
Home-City *
Birth Year (YYYY) *
Must be at least 18 by June/start of the league.
Gender *
Level/USTA Rating *
Geographical Division *
This could be close to your home or place of work where you want to be assigned or played in.
MMTL Player Waiver Form *
Please read and if you agree to the terms and condition below, please check the box below, enter your name, and date your agreement date.WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITYMEDICAL RELEASE: I hereby consent to emergency medical and/or hospital service that may be rendered by or at accredited hospitals, by appointed physicians, in the event such need arise in the opinion of the duly licensed physician.WAIVER AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: Acceptance of my entry in these events is without responsibility of any kind by the Midwest Metro Tennis League (MMTL) and any other entity sponsoring the event. I do hereby for and on behalf of myself and my heirs and legal representatives RELEASE and forever discharge the MMTL, its officers and representatives, from any and all claims, demands, and injuries which may be in any way related to my activities during the tournament and any period traveling to or from the events described, and all such claims are hereby WAIVED AND RELEASED, and I agree not to sue therefore.PUBLICITY RELEASE: I agree to be filmed and photographed by MMTL in connection with such participation and that the MMTL will own any and all rights in such film and photography of me (hereinafter referred to as "Footage"). This will permit the MMTL to proceed with taking such Footage and I now waive, as to the MMTL and its successors, assigns and licensees, all personal right and objections to any use to be made of me, my name, likeness, voice or personality in connection with the use of the Footage in any media for any and all purposes, including trade, advertising and promotional purposes, in perpetuity and without further compensation. I understand that in proceeding with filming and photography of the Footage, the MMTL will do so in full reliance on the foregoing permission
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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