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Kelly Cain is seeking members for her ARC team. If you're a fan of witty, bold, and sexy contemporary romance, this is a great place for you.

Here are the details:

* Every time Kelly has a new release coming up, you'll be notified via email and be given the option of saying yes or no to review on release day.
* In exchange for saying YES and agreeing to review on release day, you'll be one of the lucky few who will get to read her books before they even release, often a couple months before release day.
* The only ask is that you post your review wherever you are able to on release day, but at least on Amazon or Goodreads (can review ahead of release day).
* Though the hope is you love all of Kelly's books, we would prefer you refrain from posting reviews that aren't positive until at least two weeks after release day.

The first opportunity is very soon for her release in June:

If you have any questions, please contact
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