Haley House Live-In Application
In addition to this form, please submit a current resume and two letters of reference to livein-apps@haleyhouse.org. Applications will be considered complete only when all components have been received.

We suggest drafting essay responses offline and then copying and pasting responses into the GoogleForm below when you are ready to submit your application.

About the application process:

If the community concludes that the applicant is a good fit based on submitted application materials, they will be invited for a two week trial stay. This stay is dependent upon the availability and schedule of both the applicant and the community.

After a two week stay, the applicant leaves the community for a week of reflection. Following the week of reflection, the community contacts the applicant with their final decision.

***If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application, please reach out to Libby, our live-in application liaison, at lfederici@haleyhouse.org.
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