Ministry Innovation Grant Application
Grant applications are due Friday, January 7, 2022 and must be submitted by that date. If you are filling it out here, then be sure to hit s at the bottom of the page each time you are stopping, and then BOOKMARK THE PAGE THAT FOLLOWS so that you can come back to your work. Your budget should be emailed to, and you can send questions to that email as well. Should you be awarded a grant, we will follow up the agreement below with a hard copy that will need to be signed by all members of your team.
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Date of Application
Full Name of Primary Contact
Primary Contact Address
Primary Contact Phone
Additional Team Members (name, phone, email, address - skip if not applicable or share info of only 2-3 members)
FUMC Bentonville Team Advocate name and contact information (this is a member at FUMC Bentonville who will advocate for you and be an accountability partner in your work; share if known; if you need help pairing with an advocate, just write need help)
Project Title
Describe the project
What are the specific goals of this project?
How does this project serve Bentonville or Benton County? Why is it needed here and now? (include any research/statistics/anecdotal information to demonstrate need)
Who are you specifically aiming to serve (ex. ages, educational level, socioeconomic level, etc.)?
What resources will you need (money, volunteers, space, etc) and where will those resources, beyond the grant funds, come from?
What connections do you need for this work, and what gaps do you have in those connections?
How will you know if this project is successful? What results will define success? How will success of the project be measured?
How will you sustain the work following initial expenses covered by the grant funds (please name here if this is a one-time ministry project that will not need sustaining, but share why a one time project like this holds value)
How does this project fit the mission, vision, and/or welcome statement of FUMC Bentonville? a. Mission: Sharing Christ, Making Disciples b. Vision: To become the Spiritual Heart of Bentonville; a mission station to equip disciples for building relationships with people who are far from home and feel far from God. c. Welcome Statement: FUMC Bentonville welcomes all. Because we believe the Communion Table is God’s table, we invite everyone into our church family. We welcome and celebrate every race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical and mental ability, national origin, economic station, and political ideology. We come together in action and outreach, aspiring to follow Jesus’ example of radical hospitality, love, and grace as a transformative movement in our community.
Grant amount requested (amount can be up to $1000):
Submit a proposed Budget
The budget should itemize all projected expenses, including those that may exceed the grant amount. If there are expenses above the grant amount, share how those funds will be provided. Send the budget to In the email, make sure you note that your application was made online, and include the name of your project.

FUMC Bentonville recognizes that once the project is underway, projected costs may vary. Grant funds can apply to any expenses incurred for the project, but additional funds to cover excess costs will not be available. We recommend generously estimating your costs. If you come in under budget and do not need all of the grant funds, excess funds must be returned to the church for future use.
Submit an introductory video
Submit a short (up to 3 minutes) video describing your project and sharing why you feel called to respond to a need in this way (video may be used on FUMC Bentonville’s online media). Send video to or bring it to the church office on an external device to upload to FUMC Bentonville computers. Church office is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
As a possible recipient of a Ministry Innovation grant from First United Methodist Church in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, I/we agree: • To use the funds solely for the approved project.• To attend and present the approved project at the Pitch Celebration (tentatively scheduled for 12:15 p.m. Sunday, January 30, 2022). • To provide a summary video and reflection report upon completion of the project, or 12 months after the grant has been awarded if the project remains ongoing.• To attend and potentially speak at the next year’s Pitch Celebration (if applicable).• To share and update any changes to team contact information until the grant has been totally accounted for with the church accounting office.• To identify and work with an FUMC Bentonville Grant Advocate (some assistance can be provided in making these connections by the FUMC mission team). The FUMC Bentonville Grant Advocate will serve as a contact between the team and the church, advocate for the work of the team within the church, and be an accountability partner for the team as work continues. An FUMC Advocate should be a member in good standing of the church who currently participates in the ministries of the church either online or in person. • That additional funds needed, outside of the grant amount and/or the amount raised for the grant project at the Pitch Celebration, must come from other sources, as no additional funding from FUMC Bentonville can be guaranteed.• To submit receipts to the church accounting office for the expenses incurred for the project, as well as the provided budget report form, to reimburse or request use of funds (up to $250 can be advanced to a team, but before additional funding can be released in advance, receipts must be submitted to show use of the prior funds).• To return any unused funds to FUMC Bentonville in the form of returned checks or cash submitted to the church office, or through designated payment on our online giving system. The team must communicate with the church office that such funds have been returned so that proper accounting designations are made.• To pay back any and all funds used for something other than the approved project.• To use grant funds by 01/31/2023.All team members should sign the agreement below. You may add team members/volunteers as your work continues; however, those additional members will not be eligible to receive grant funds. If you need to add someone to your list to receive grant funds, they will need to complete this form and return it to the church office as well.
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List of team members who agree to these conditions (signed copy will be required before grant funds can be released)
Ministry Innovation Grant Application
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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