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eBTT, a traditional small publisher of Young Adult Novels, is accepting applications for bloggers and reviewers interested in reading and reviewing its Advanced Review Copies. If you are a committed blogger/reviewer, able to read and articulately review YA books based on content only, within a reasonable time period, and willing to post your reviews on your blog and/or multiple online sales distributors, please signup below.
Please note: ARCs are often unedited and may contain some typos. We are not interested in those who can not overlook these issues in non-final ARC copies.
Please add ebttyagenerations@gmail.com to your contacts so these ARC offers come directly to your inbox. We will never simply send any ARC without sending an invite to participate, and you are free to remove yourself from our ARC service at any time simply by clicking "unsubscribe" on any of the email invitations you may receive.
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