BLFC19 Quiet Floor Application
We plan to set up a quiet floor at BLFC 2019, on floor 3. The main benefit of this floor is the escalator to take you downstairs, so you can avoid elevators all weekend.
People on this floor are expected to always keep their doors closed, keep noise to a minimum, and make special effort to be especially quiet from 10pm to 8am.
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WARNING: if your original reservation was for a Summit room, moving to the quiet floor may cause a price increase of about $34 a night.
If you booked a room in "A hotel," then there should be no price increase.
Do you and all your roommates promise to stay quiet, and not have loud gatherings in your room? *
Are you a convention volunteer? *
Volunteers have priority over non-volunteers, but anyone is welcome to apply for this floor.
What kind of room do you want? *
It doesn't matter what you originally booked; you'll get what you pick here, if there's still space. Queens are claimed faster than kings; answer "either is fine" if you want a 2-queen but would settle for a 1-king. There are no suites on the 3rd floor.
Is there a specific room number you prefer?
We'll attempt to honor these room number requests in the order received.
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