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^MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION^ What is the head-tilt factor about this company that makes it truly odd or unique? Not to be confused with your unique selling proposition... We want to know if our audience will need or want to learn more about this company based on this factor. Tell us why this is a Business Unusual. Go!
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Thank you for submitting your company as a potential Business Unusual guest. It takes guts to put yourself out there and, while we would love to give every company a spotlight on the show, our focus is very specific and therefore we are rigorous about selecting upcoming guests.

If you ARE selected, we'll move on to the part where you select a date and time to appear on the show.
If you are not selected, that's OK! We appreciate your interest and will do whatever we can through BeLive.TV to support your efforts toward business success. Plus, things always change, and you may have another chance in the future to tell us why you're a Business Unusual!

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