Belmont Chapel Survey
It's only a minority of people who go to church in Britain these days. There are now more of us who say we have "no religion" than people who still claim to be "Christian". So what, if anything, do people still make of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity? How much respect is still paid to him? And what do people think of the claims made by Christians about him?
This survey is part of a project we're calling 'YESTERDAY'S HERO?' It is designed to work out how people in Devon typically view Jesus Christ and his importance today. If you can help us by filling it in, and even get others to do likewise, we'd be immensely grateful.
There are ten questions below, and your answers to eight of them will help us to produce survey results which we'll make publicly available later in the year, should you be interested.
1. In your opinion, how likely is it that Jesus actually existed?
2. How do you view the claims that Jesus did miracles? Pick one:
3. Pick which of these statements best represents your opinion:
4. The Gospels are the biographies of Jesus contained in the Bible. In your opinion, how much truth do they contain about the life of Jesus?
5. Jimmy Carr is reported to have said: ‘It was very nice of Jesus to die for me, but I never asked him to.’ Choose one:
6. In your opinion, based on the evidence we have, how likely is it that Jesus did rise from the dead?
7. Jesus said he was coming back. Do you think this is
8. Finally, pick the best description of Jesus from this list
YOU DON'T NEED TO ANSWER THIS NEXT QUESTION but it will help us to refine the data if you do!
9. Pick the best description of yourself:
YOU DON'T NEED TO ANSWER THIS NEXT QUESTION but please do if it would be useful to you.
10. Please add your e-mail address or mobile number below.
Your answer
We may send you a short e-mail or text outlining the special events, free resources and online information we're bundling in with this project - plus an invitation to the official launch of the survey results. We won't communicate with you in any other way (unless you ask us to!); we'll use the information provided to send you just this one message.
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