The Garden Outreach Nomination Form
Use this form to request any combination of three gifts. The Big Give is a $1000 check for your non-profit organization to use as needed. A Little Give is a donation of small consumables which are collected by The Garden and donated to your organization. Finally, a Service Project is an opportunity for our volunteers to support your organization in a short-term project.

Here are some things to think about for your request:

Does the giving/service project:
help others find and create meaning in their life and community?
provide teaching opportunities?
build relationships?
support and encourage independence and self-sufficiency?
teach a skill?
build confidence?
help with self esteem?
help rebuild lives?

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If a Service Project, list number of volunteers needed.
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If a Service Project, list time needed.
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Are you willing to share your story with the Garden at a Sunday Service? *
Are you willing to assist with the organization and implementation of the Service Project?
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