2019-2020 Virginia FCCLA Outstanding Chapter Application
The Virginia Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America presents Outstanding Chapter awards to those chapters that plan and conduct well-balanced programs of work that support the strategic plans at the state and national levels. This award provides an opportunity for chapters, through self-evaluation, to receive recognition, and to highlight their chapter's success.

The deadline to submit this recognition is March 5.

Those chapters that apply for recognition will be awarded a platinum, gold, or silver Outstanding Chapter plate which can be mounted on a plaque. Information for ordering the plaque is provided separately on the Virginia FCCLA website. For purposes of this recognition program, the chapter year shall run from March 1 to February 28, thus encompassing portions of two school years (Example: March 1, 2019 to Feb. 28, 2020). Awards will be presented only to those chapters that register for and participate in state conference.

Outstanding FCCLA chapters are those which plan balanced programs of work that support the state and national FCCLA strategic plans by including the following areas:

 Membership recruitment (maximum points = 15)
 Chapter activities and operations (maximum points = 19)
 State and national activities (maximum points = 36)
 FCCLA programs (maximum points = 37)
 Public relations (maximum points = 18)
 Exceptional accomplishments (maximum points = 30)

Outstanding Chapter recognition will be assigned as follows: 100 points and above = Sharron K. Glasscock Platinum Level
90 points and above = Gold Level
89 points and below = Silver Level
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