St Francis of Assisi, Bedworth Congregation Questionnaire
We have received funding from the National Lottery Awards for All to explore how St Francis of Assisi Church and Parish Centre (former Catholic Club) can be improved, in collaboration with APEC Architects.

As a member of the congregation of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Bulkington and St Francis of Assisi, Bedworth, it is really important that you are involved in this process, so we invite you to share your thoughts on St Francis Church, the Parish Centre, and Bedworth.
1. Your Parish
2. Your Gender
3. Your Age
4. How far from St Francis Church do you live?
5. How do you get to St Francis Church?
6. How long have you been coming to either St Francis or Our Lady Sacred Heart?
7. What makes St Francis Church special to you?
This could be a memory or how it makes you feel.
Your answer
8. What words would you use to describe your church?
This could be about the atmosphere or what the spaces are like.
Your answer
9. What do you think should be the top three priorities for the vision / mission of St Francis Church?
Your answer
10. What have been your positive experiences in using the Parish Centre?
Your answer
11. What have been your negative experiences in using the Parish Centre?
Your answer
12. Are there any improvements to the buildings that you would like to see in the future?
Your answer
13. What needs or issues are there in Bedworth that you think could or should be addressed by the Church?
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14. Are there any community facilities, activities, or services that Bedworth lacks that could be accommodated in an improved Parish Centre?
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15. Please let us know if you, or any other individuals or organisations you know, would like to get involved with future projects / activities at the Parish Centre, or are looking for space on a regular or occasional basis:
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
If you have any further comments or would like to be included in any follow-up feedback, please email:
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