Emerald City Contra Dance Gigs 2019
This is the ECCD (http://seattledance.org/contra/emeraldcity) gig request form for 2019. If your availability changes after you've made a request, please fill out the form again (at least the required sections.) We'll use the latest version we receive. Please give as much information as possible. Confirmation emails are sent out manually, so please give us a few days to get back to you.

If you're a caller, you are welcome to fill out a request as well. However, except for requests from traveling callers, or requests from bands, I mostly book callers in an approximate rotation, subject to matching callers to bands.

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Please enter just a single email address on this line. This address will be used to send you confirmation of your submission so please double check it for accuracy.
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Check the dates you are available. Dates shown may be available for a band, a caller, or both, or may be taken, as I update this form periodically. Dates not shown are booked already.
Additional dates
Have preferences about the dates above? Want to book a specific date further out? Let us know.
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Additional Information
Please fill out this section if you've never done so before or if you have new information about your band.
Band members w/instruments
Tell us who plays what.
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Other Contact Info
You can give us phone numbers or other band member email addresses.
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Sound setup info
How many channels, mics and DI boxes do you need, for which instruments/band members? Will you provide any mics/DI boxes? Do you need a piano? Do you have any special sound needs? How can our sound person reach you? Are you a caller with a headset mic? If you know how you'll set up on stage let us know and the sound guy can start setting up early. (List instruments and/or people from house left to house right.)
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You can probably describe yourself better than we can. If you have a publicity blurb we can use (or at least copy from), enter it here. Also include a link to your website, URLs for sample MP3s, or promotional photos if you have any. (Our space is limited, so we probably won't be able to use your full blurb, especially if it doesn't fit in this box. But it'll still help us craft something descriptive for our dancers.)
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Anything else we should know? (Need for housing, etc.)
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