The Diary of Anne Frank - Act II, Scene 3
Please answer the questions in complete sentences with complete and thorough explanations.
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1. What is Mr. Van Daan doing at the start of the scene? *
2. Mrs. Frank finally speaks her mind! Of what does she accuse Mrs. Van Daan? Why is she so disgusted by her actions? *
3. What does Mr. Frank's speech (4th line from the top) on pg. 768 show about his character traits? *
4. What does Mr. Frank mean when he says, "We don't need the Nazis to destroy us. We're destroying ourselves" (768)? *
5. Why does Mrs. Frank insist that the Van Daans must leave? *
6. How do the stage directions on pg. 770 help the reader picture a scene of celebration when Miep brings the news of the invasion? *
7. After the initial celebration, how does each character react after the news about the D-Day invasion? How has the mood changed? *
8. What does Anne's diary entry at the end of the scene reveal about her character traits? *
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