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In 2017 and 2018, Economic Opportunity Funders (EOF) and the EITC Funders Network engaged their members in conversations about the role of tax policy in advancing racial and gender equity. As part of these discussions we found that too often the foundations working on equity and the foundations working on tax policy were not in the same rooms sharing analyses and strategies.

In 2019 we are launching a discussion group to provide a platform for funders to share strategies, questions and learnings. The discussion group will meet virtually (via teleconference) 4-5 times over the year. We will explore questions including:

** How are tax policy groups applying a racial and gender equity lens in the analysis of tax policy?
** What are best practices of community engagement groups working at the intersect of economic justice, equity and tax policy?
** What is the current relationship between tax policy groups and community-based organizations? What lessons can be learned about these partnerships? What can be done to create greater linkages among these efforts?
** What are the gaps in our knowledge or practice that would help the field become stronger and more effective?

For more information on this discussion group, please contact sabine@eitcfunders.org

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