Design and Deploy Summit RSVP
Dear Families,

We will be hosting a school-wide gathering to complete the second phase of our Appreciative Inquiry Process on January 17, 2019 with an inclement weather date of January 24, 2019.

You should have received the follow up document detailing all of the information from the September summits earlier this month. This is designed to make sure that even if you did not attend a September Summit, you are fully informed and encouraged to participate in the January Summit. If you did not receive this publication, please reach out to Kate Chassner in the main office at

This RSVP will allow you to register for the topics you would like to explore at the Design and Deploy Summit in January. In addition, you will be able to sign up for childcare and pizza dinner should you want to participate. There is a cost for childcare and pizza noted below.

You will receive a follow up confirmation verifying your selections when we return to school in January. To encourage your prompt participation, priority will be given to all forms in the order that they are received. Thank you for your continued support of this visioning process.

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Please choose your top 3 interest areas (selecting one as first choice, one as second choice, and one as third choice) for topic inquiry and discussion during the Design and Deploy Summit. This will be a topic you will vision into for the majority of the evening. You will need to mark "Not a topic of particular interest" for all other areas. You will learn of your placement in your confirmation email. *
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Not a topic of particular interest
WELL-BEING: Rainbow approaches student, staff, and community well-being through systemic and individualized supports that foster equity and sustainability.
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Rainbow ensures that all students and families across the grades are integrated with explicit programming and a culture of community engagement.
SPIRITUALITY: Rainbow considers diverse spiritual traditions and beliefs along with providing space for various religious customs to be explored, celebrated, and honored as we expand our capacity as spiritual beings.
ACADEMIC RIGOR: Rainbow provides challenge and depth to support academic rigor for all.
FINANCIAL STABILITY: Rainbow experiences financial stability and freedom to support desired initiatives.
INTELLECTUAL DIVERSITY: Our students and families experience and share rich cultural conversations and exposures that breed awareness, across class, religion, race, and daily life experience that support a shared value of intellectual diversity.
FACILITIES: The campus facilities adequately support a breadth of programming that aligns with rich experiences across all domains.
HIGH SCHOOL: Rainbow Community designs or supports a high school model that extends the learning opportunities of a holistic approach.
RAINBOW INSTITUTE: Rainbow Institute is developed into an organization that allows the Rainbow philosophy to influence educational methodology and pedagogy on a local and national scale.
ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING: Rainbow implements a dynamic nature awareness program across the grade levels that is committed to environmental learning and activism.
"REAL WORLD" LEARNING: Rainbow utilizes the urban landscape and other resources to connect the classroom experience to genuine “real world” learning that is student centered.
ADULT EDUCATION: Rainbow provides relevant adult education opportunities and events that align with our vision and mission.
Childcare- RSVP required
Rainbow's End will close at 5:00pm the day of the summit. If you would like to reserve a spot for your child/children to participate in evening childcare you must RSVP here.

We will be able to accept non rainbow siblings for grade K-8 only. All families will be charged at a rate of $5.00 per child, and care will be available from 5:30-8:00pm.

If you RSVP, but your child does not attend, you will still be charged for this service. If you show up without an RSVP your child will only be allowed to participate if adequate staffing is available and the cost will be $10.00 per child.

Yes I would like to sign my child/children up for childcare. I am aware that this is at a cost of $5.00 per child. Please include your child's name, current classroom, parent name, and preferred contact phone number. (You can sign up multiple children below if needed) If you do not need childcare, please simply put "not needed" so you can continue to complete the form. *
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Pizza Dinner Reservation
Pizza will be served in the 6th grade classroom from 5:00-5:30 to support families who would like to have a quick meal before the evening summit.

Families will be charged $3.00 per slice.

If pizza is reserved, this charge will be applied to your account even if you do not arrive to eat your pizza.

Please write the name of the family members receiving pizza slices. If you do not want pizza please write "no pizza" so you can submit your form. *
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Please record the number of slices you would like to reserve and note the number of gluten free slices, if appropriate.
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