DAA Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2021
An anonymous snapshot of the fellowship in 2021
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Welcome to DAA's Diversity & Inclusion Survey! After telling us about yourself, you will have the opportunity to tell us your wider thoughts of diversity and inclusion in the fellowship. Please encourage as many members (and those yet to join us) to participate in the survey to help the fellowship get a feel for who we are made up from and how we can grow. Now, let's get cracking ...
Are you a drug addict? *
If you answered yes, what was your drug of choice? *
How often would you use drugs, on average (in active addiction)? *
Have you ever been to a DAA meeting before? *
If you answered yes, have you ever sought help to stop using drugs before coming to DAA
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Do you have a homegroup? *
Are you sponsored? *
Are you looking for a sponsor? *
Do you sponsor other drug addicts? *
Do you identify yourself as someone who belongs to a minority or under-represented group? (We will give you an opportunity to tell us more about your self later.) *
As a member of that under-represented group, do you feel included in your homegroup? *
What is your gender identity? *
Is your gender identity the same assigned to you at birth? *
What is your age? *
What is your marital or non-marital status? *
Which category best describes your ethnicity *
Is English your first language? *
If no, which is your first language?
If English is not your first language, do you feel you are able to fully understand and participate in DAA's programme of recovery (meetings, literature, fellowship, etc.)?
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Do you consider yourself to have a disability or impairment that has (or would have without treatment) a long term negative effect on your ability to carry out day-to-day activities? *
If you answered yes above, please indicate the nature of your disability
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If you answered yes to having a disability, has this given any challenges to participating in DAA's programme of recovery?
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Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation? *
Which category best describes your spiritual/religious beliefs? *
Do you have caring responsibilities? *
If you answered yes, please indicate the nature of the main caring responsibilities.
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Thinking about the personal characteristics listed throughout previous questions, have you experienced any difficulties within DAA because of them? If so, please describe.
Finally, is there anything DAA can do to remove additional barriers to recovery (amongst minority groups such as gender, sexuality, race, accessibility, age, amongst others)? *
Many thanks for taking the survey. We will publish results from the survey at the beginning of 2022. If you have any further comments to add, please feel free to do so now or email daa.diversity@gmail.com
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