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Input looks at the equipment and tools you use to create information/video for you to perform analysis with.
What camera do you use?
Do you have a windows or mac laptop?
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How would you rate the footage quality you have?
Professional Broadcast
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Please name any other tools to collect information? GPS, Heart Rate Monitors etc...
Data Collection
This section looks at your process of collecting information
How do you collect information for your analysis?
What information do you collect?
How long does it take you (labour hours) to collect your information?
Analysis is the dissection and interpretation of information
How do you do your analysis?
How much time do you spend interpreting and delving further into the information you've collected?
How effective is you/your organisation at transferring your analysis into improved performance?
Very effective
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Feedback is related to how you deliver your messages.
How do you go about delivering off field/off court feedback?
How much time do you dedicate to producing feedback?
How would you rate your off pitch feedback?
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