WWOOF Romania - Host Farm Application
*This is the Application to become a Host Farmer for WWOOF Romania.
*Please fill in every part of this application.
*After you finish this application, if you haven't done it already, we need you to fill in the Romanian version of the host farm application. It is required for the application process and needed for the website if you are accepted.
Name of Farm (informal or formal) *
Last Name and First Name of contact person *
How to address you *
Complete Address (won't be posted on the website) *
Write the village or locality name, street name, number of house, county name, postal code
Name of Locality *
Type of Locality *
County *
Home / Mobile Telephone Number *
Email *
Description of the area where the farm is located *
What do you grow on the farm? *
Farm size (approximately) *
Months when volunteers are accepted *
Volunteer activities *
Accommodation *
A few words about the family *
Pets *
Diet (special considerations for vegetarians, etc.) *
Languages spoken *
Other comments
Do you understand and accept the WWOOF Romania Host Farm Policy? *
The Host Farm Policy is located in the Resources section of the WWOOF Romania website
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