Ghana Data Science Summit 2021 (IndabaX Ghana) Sponsorship Form
We really appreciate your interest in sponsoring the 2nd Edition of the Ghana Data Science Summit.
Benefits of sponsoring include:

1. Participation
-Guaranteed places to attend the conference
-Technology demonstration at the exhibition/poster session

2. Marketing
-Company logo on official flyer
-Social Media Mentions
-Conference T-Shirts with company logo
-Full-page company description in the conference brochure

3. Recruitment
-Access to CVs of interested attendees 4 weeks ahead of conference
-Share company pamphlets in welcome packet
-Announce job Ads through IndabaX Ghana’s social media and access to on-site applicant screening (or interviews)
-5-minute pitch before talks (announce jobs, etc.)

Our Sponsorship Committee would reach out to you after you submit this form.
Thanks once again!
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