Name my Surface Laptop 2
I have maintained a tradition of witty names for my machines as long as I've been using computers, which is probably why I've utterly run out. I know I won't ever come up with a better name than Libel - as I christened my late Spectre x360 - and yet I know this machine is far too special to go on with the name DESKTOP-CIPNR9, which is why I'm prepared to offer something very significant to the person who submits the best (and winning) name:

For as long as I have the machine, I shall yell the winner's first name loudly and clearly immediately before every time I boot it up, regardless of where, when, or in who's company - and I reboot my computer *a lot.*

Of course, it should go without saying that the winner will also have my eternal gratitude, as do you just for participating!

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