APPLICATION CLOSED APRIL 18/NOON Application to receive FREE Trees delivered to your home
Coffey Strong is a proud partner of the Arbor Day Foundation with this project made possible by partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation ( and FedEx ( We are so grateful for their help and collaboration. During this time of shelter in place, we can turn to our beautiful home gardens for a connection to nature!

Our vision is to recreate Coffey Park’s streets with beautiful, healthy trees. Some builders have provided curbside trees, but most did not. We’ve received a grant to help us bring healthy trees back to line our streets! This is our first priority with this project.

 The purpose of our project to beautify our streets, so please plant at least one of these trees you receive in the front of your home. All of the trees are suitable for the curbside planter strip. The curbside planter strip is the responsibility of the homeowner. The City or County is not going to provide you with any landscaping in this area.

 Each homeowner that receives tree(s) must provide a suitable planting area so the tree(s) can grow and thrive!

 We are partnering with a local licensed company, Maggie's Dad Landscaping (License # 958670). They will deliver trees and stakes directly to your homes in late April. Please care for the tree(s) until planting in the ground, and then after, too.

 Maggie's Dad Landscaping is also offering to plant your tree(s) for a reasonable rate. If you are interested in learning more about this, please indicate in the form below.

 Each homeowner promises to care for their new tree(s), plant it properly, provide irrigation (by hand or by irrigation system) until the tree(s) are established or during hot summer months, fertilization and pruning as needed. We will provide you with planting information and tree care guides for reference.

 Before digging the area must be inspected so you don't damage underground utilities. Always call 8-1-1 before digging! This takes 48hrs and will require spraying out area to be surveyed. Plan ahead. See Attached link.

 We are prioritizing trees going to parcels where homes were damaged or destroyed in Coffey Park, but if we have enough trees, we will open this up to others.

PRIORITY DEADLINE TO APPLY IS APRIL 18, at NOON. Deliveries are (hopefully) starting around Arbor Day and Earth Day, one week later--keeping in mind it is hard to plan exactly with Coronavirus and Public Health Orders.
We strongly encourage you to plant one or more trees near the street. The trees we have procured were all selected to be suitable for that planter strip along the curb, from a list of approved Santa Rosa City Street Trees including: Crepe Myrtle, Chinese Pistache, Flowering Plum, Red Maple, and Gingko. Trees are 15-gallon size and come with planting stakes provided.
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We have 300-350 trees to deliver to Coffey Park. These will be delivered by the landscape company directly to your home. We are not sure how many people will apply to receive trees. If we had enough trees, would you want more than one? (Note, we are asking that most trees be planted in the front of your home, either in the curbside strip or front yard, to maximize the impact on making our streets beautiful.) UPDATE 4/15-based on the number of responses, we anticipate the maximum number per household to be 2 trees maximum. *
What type of tree(s) do you want? If you want a mix of varieties, select all that apply
Provide comments here about your tree preferences/quantities. We will do our best to accommodate based on the trees we have available. Thanks for your understanding that if necessary, we may need to make substitutions. All trees have already been ordered-no other types of trees are included in this program.
We have arranged with a licensed, professional landscape contractor to provide tree planting service at a reasonable cost, ($30 per tree rate offered for a limited time on specific days). This would include digging the hole, providing soil amendments and planting the tree(s). (Note this service does NOT include stump grinding or calling 8-1-1 for you). Scheduling this will depend on current status of COVID-19 emergency public health orders regarding landscape work in fire rebuild areas.
Would you like to take advantage of this optional service, which is not free, but offered at a reasonable cost on select days, to be paid directly by you to the landscaper? *
Trees along the street benefit the whole community. How would receiving these trees and planting them at your home help you and your household? Your neighborhood? (optional question, but we love hearing your thoughts)
I understand the parameters of this program as described at the top of this application, and I understand what is required of me to assure the successful growth of these gifted trees. *
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